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Almost 20% of COVID Deaths over last two weeks were in Fully Vaccinated

Over the last two weeks, according to data from the Southern Nevada Health District and the CDC, about 20% of the COVID deaths being reported in Clark County are actually in people who were fully vaccinated, a number that continues to grow weekly as more people take the useless fairytale vaccine.

Earlier in the week, we reported on how so-called “technical difficulties” at the SNHD had stopped the breakthrough death report for over 2 weeks. Oddly, they didn’t seem to have the same technical difficulties in reporting COVID deaths among the unvaccinated, those reports were still released to the media daily –WEIRD!!!

Well, we think we know why…

Week over week, cases, hospitalizations, and even deaths among the so-called fully vaccinated have begun to skyrocket, raising a series of questions on why the government is still promoting a vaccine that not only seems to be failing but isn’t stopping people from dying.

Almost 20% of COVID Deaths over last week were in so-called “Fully Vaccinated” people.

Since the Southern Nevada Health District stopped reporting on breakthrough deaths on September 2nd, there have been somewhere around 130 so-called COVID deaths in Clark County. According to the latest breakthrough death report released on September 16th, during that time period, at least 25 of those deaths were in fully vaccinated people.

They are LYING to you!!!

To try to cover up what is going on here, The Southern Nevada Health District who claims they had technical difficulties over the last two weeks in getting the report out did something rather interesting during that time, they changed the format of the report and started messing with the data in what looks to be a deliberate attempt to control the narrative.

It seems someone is trying to cover up what is going on here.

First, they started adding underlying conditions data to the report – attempting to say that these fully vaccinated people had other medical conditions on top of dying from COVID.

Well, that’s funny, because they refuse to give that same data in so-called COVID deaths among the unvaccinated.

But we all know why, if they did, the public would realize that most of those “COVID” deaths probably were not actually COVID deaths.

The second thing they did is they flat out lied about the actual death rate. If they told the truth, then the headlines you would be seeing would all have to read, almost 20% of so-called COVID deaths are among the so-called FULLY VACAINTED.

To cover that up, they started comparing the vaccinated death rates among people over the last couple of months to the unvaccinated death rates over the last 19 months. Since most people had not taken the vaccine during the first 15 months of the “pandemic”, why would any serious scientific paper attempt to compare these numbers???

Since most of the 137 fully vaccinated deaths have occurred over the last 6 weeks, why would SNHD compare that to 19 months worth of COVID deaths????

Well, again we know why.

Because if they did a comparison over the same period, they would have to admit that according to their own numbers, almost 20% of the deaths are among the vaccinated.

They would also have to admit that the number is likely much higher, since the Southern Nevada Health District’s own paper says they lost track of what happened to 7,269 of these “fully vaccinated” people. who reported having COVID.

Did they die? SNHD says, UNKNOWN!!!

Again unlike the lying media, we don’t want you to just take our word for it, we want you to do your own analysis. Below is the latest SNHD report, and here is the link.