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Allegiant Stadium Disaster: Payment Systems Down, Bars Closed, No Food, Overflowing Toilets

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As expected, when you go WOKE, you go BROKE!

Tonight, Allegiant Stadium hosted WWE Summer Slam, the event was a complete disaster. From stars who refused to show up because of the upcoming vaccine mandates at the stadium to the complete meltdown of their “cashless payment” systems, fans got to see firsthand what happens when you push political agendas instead of running your business.

Even before Raiders’ owner Mark Davis decided to help Governor Steve Sisolak push vaccine passports, Allegiant stadium had already signed on to the democrat wet-dream of a cashless society when they became the first venue in American pro sports to open as a cashless venue. Tonight that dream turned into a nightmare when the systems crashed and an entire stadium of people were unable to buy beer, drinks or food.

Shift4 Payments who was named the “Official Credit Card Processing Company of the Las Vegas Raiders” and Allegiant Stadium, posted on their status page that they were aware of a card processing issue with TSYS data centers.

The Raiders Robbed Las Vegas In America’s Worst Stadium Deal Now they Want to ban the people who paid for it!

At $750 million in taxpayer dollars, the boondoggle of a deal was the largest direct public subsidy for a stadium ever granted, and Clark County is now struggling to pay the bill thanks to the Sisolak shutdowns that pretty much killed room tax revenue. Now, that we are banning half the city from attending games, it seems local taxpayers are going to be screwed as tourism tax revenue can no longer be counted on to pay for the stadium scam.

Never Ending Scams: Raiders sell Henderson facility for 30 times what they paid the City!

After scamming Nevada into the largest public subsidy in American history, in 2018 the Raiders persuaded the fools on the Henderson City Council to shave $6.05 million off the $12.1 market value of 55 acres of land to build that practice field and corporate headquarters near the city’s executive airport.

2 years after buying the land for only 6 million dollars, Mark Davis then sold the Raider’s Henderson headquarters for $191 million — 30x what they paid – turning a $185M profit. As part of the sale, they entered into a potential 99-year ground lease agreement.

And where is Sisolak in all of this?

Well, it should come as no surprise that Marc Badain, chairman of the Raiders, is one of the top contributors to his reelection campaign!