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93 Million Stolen from Clark County Homeowners Every Year to Pay for Homeless Drug Addicts!

Earlier in the year, homeowners discovered that Clark County was attempting to scam them out of thousands of extra dollars a year in property taxes, as the County classified primary homeowners as investors and more than doubled their tax rates.

While this should infuriate the hell out of every homeowner in Clark County, even more infuriating, is the breakdown of where your tax dollars actually go.

Did you know that every year Clark County homeowners pay over 93 million dollars for the County to waste YOUR hard-earned money on the homeless? More property tax money goes to homeless drug addicts every year than goes to the Clark County Fire Service District. Between the so-called “State Indigent Trust” and the “Assistance to Indigent Persons” taxing entities, the County is budgeting $93,806,683 of your money for people who provide ZERO value to our society.

On top of paying for homeless drug addicts, you are also paying $475,994,629 a year to pay off the Clark County School District’s debt because these assholes can’t figure out how to manage the money they are budgeted. That’s on top of $620,950,572 a year for the Maintenance & Operations of the school district.

Ninety-three Million are stolen every year to pay for tourists to see these people kill themselves on the strip!

And keep in mind, the $93 million is a drop in the bucket once you add in how much is spent trying to police the problems these people create. Hell, once they are arrested they are then provided “legal counsel” for “indigent individuals”.

So when you pay your taxes this year, you are paying for this…

And remember, this is only what the county is STEALING from you.

Throw in food stamps and public assistance programs, and are you starting to see what’s going on here??? Hell, as people were losing their jobs due to the Sisolak shutdowns, the City of Las Vegas approved 21 million dollars – all stolen from taxpayers – to fund an open-air Courtyard Homeless Resource Center – in other words, another place for these addicts to meet up, shoot up heroin and meth, and plan out their day of assaulting tourists and creating trouble across the valley!

Is it any wonder that Clark County Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom thinks it’s funny that our city is so overrun with homeless, that they started using his political signs as what he calls them “homes”? THEY ARE STEALING YOUR MONEY AND POCKETING IT FOR THEMSELVES!

Here is a breakdown of where YOUR property tax dollars go…

Taxing Entity/Authorized Levy Rate Revenue Levied
Assistance to Indigent Persons 0.1000 $81,571,027
Boulder City 0.2600 $1,113,006
Boulder City Library 0.2222 $829,719
Boulder City Library Debt 0.0000 $0
Boulder City Redevelopment (058) 1.3205 $1,202,285
Boulder City Redevelopment (059) 2.0481 $77,445
Bunkerville Town 0.0200 $4,250
Clark County Capital 0.0500 $40,785,514
Clark County Cooperative Extension 0.0100 $8,157,105
Clark County Debt 0.0000 $0
Clark County Family Court 0.0192 $15,661,632
Clark County Fire Service District 0.2197 $90,353,267
Clark County General Operating 0.4599 $375,145,114
Clark County School Dist Debt 0.5534 $475,994,629
Clark County School Dist Maintenance & Operations 0.7500 $620,950,572
County Redevelopment Paradise (471) 0.1278 $8,136
County Redevelopment Sunrise Manor (341) 0.2908 $28,533
County Redevelopment Winchester (411) 1.5378 $8,589,972
Enterprise Town 0.2064 $20,315,711
Henderson City 0.6508 $80,467,857
Henderson City Debt 0.1200 $16,116,555
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (503) 1.6900 $2,952,136
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (512) 2.2874 $3,176,823
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (513) 2.2680 $5,673,746
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (518) 2.2487 $352,566
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (521) 1.7425 $18,358,028
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (522) 1.5043 $390,694
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (523) 1.6829 $248,630
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (524) 0.0006 $1,959
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (528) 0.0000 $0
Henderson City Redevelopment Area (529) 0.0000 $0
Henderson District Public Library 0.0607 $7,454,677
Indian Springs Town 0.0200 $4,885
Las Vegas City 0.6765 $120,193,226
Las Vegas City Fire Safety District 0.0950 $17,961,855
Las Vegas City Redevelopment Area (203) 1.8492 $23,088,961
Las Vegas City Redevelopment Area (204) 2.0467 $411,677
Las Vegas City Redevelopment Area (207) 1.8137 $1,297,556
Las Vegas City Redevelopment Area (212) 0.5241 $1,161,067
Las Vegas City Redevelopment Area (213) 0.5572 $1,797,485
Las Vegas City Redevelopment Area (214) 0.1168 $97,298
Las Vegas/Clark County Library 0.0942 $53,468,483
Las Vegas/Clark County Library Debt 0.0000 $0
Laughlin Town 0.8416 $2,865,677
LVMPD Emergency 911 0.0050 $2,973,547
LVMPD Manpower Supplement-County 0.2800 $118,260,468
LVMPD Manpower Supplement-LV 0.2800 $52,027,963
Mesquite City 0.5520 $5,127,349
Mesquite City Redevelopment Area (902) 1.7616 $3,198,515
Mesquite City Redevelopment Area (903) 1.4051 $6,585
Moapa Town 0.0200 $5,203
Moapa Town Park 0.0894 $22,185
Moapa Valley Town 0.0200 $32,429
Mt. Charleston Fire Protection District 0.8813 $415,021
Mt. Charleston Town 0.0200 $9,376
NLV Emergency 911 0.0050 $347,715
North Las Vegas City 1.1587 $13,470,493
North Las Vegas City Debt 0.0000 $0
North Las Vegas City Library 0.0632 $4,395,122
North Las Vegas City Public Safety 0.7300 $50,766,444
North Las Vegas City Redevelopment Area (253) 1.6886 $1,565,282
North Las Vegas City Redevelopment Area (255) 1.5089 $853,439
North Las Vegas City Redevelopment Area (256) 2.4650 $79,655
North Las Vegas City Street/Maint/Park 0.2350 $16,342,622
Paradise Town 0.2064 $28,729,454
Searchlight Town 0.0200 $2,713
Spring Valley Town 0.2064 $15,719,653
State Indigent Trust 0.0150 $12,235,656
State of Nevada 0.1700 $138,930,193
Summerlin Town 0.2064 $6,863,447
Sunrise Manor Town 0.2064 $5,575,239
Whitney Town 0.2064 $1,462,265
Winchester Town 0.2064 $3,167,684

UPDATE: The Democrat Clark County official who is accused of killing a Las Vegas Reporter was one of the people responsible for funneling this money into the scam! In fact, while our governor is busy telling reporters that he has no idea who the killer is, we have learned that Steve Sisolak appointed Robert Telles to the ” Indigent Defense Services Board”, one of the boards that overseas a lot of these stolen tax dollars. There should be an immediate audit to find out where this money is going, because we know it’s not going to the homeless!

Governor Steve Sisolak announced that he has made ten appointments to the new Board on Indigent Defense Services (BIDS), including Robert Telles (Clark)


  1. This is the absolutely worst take. People like the author of this article provide no value to society. I bet they are a “religious” person as well.

    • The author got it 100% correct. Taxpayers don’t want their hard-earned taxes paying anyone who does not want to get better or contributed to society. Clark County & City of Las Vegas have several out reach programs including shelters to help the homeless, but the homeless refuse the help because they don’t want to give up their drugs and unaccountable lifestyle. The homeless think that people owe them a life-debt. It’s easy to blame their plight on politics, on people in office or the American economy for that matter. If the homeless don’t like it maybe they should leave the County.

      • Speak for yourself. I’m a taxpayer as well. Please stop acting like you are footing the entire bill. I’m more worried about these corporations getting government bailouts. Elon Musk is the real welfare queen. Have a good day.

  2. The author of this article is a simpleton who knows nothing about any subject of value to any taxpayer anywhere on planet earth. My reason for making this statement, is that my wife and i were homeless for the better part of 5 years. There was no help when we were on the streets, because of people like this moron, and the Goodman clan, not giving two fucks for their fellow man, and what they are going through.
    My wife and I ARE NOT, and HAVE NEVER BEEN, drug addicts. We were victims of the republican provided crash of the american economy. Thank you very much. I hope and pray that this FOOL and others like him NEVER have to experience what my wife and I went through as a result of idiots like him and his kind running things.

    • If you were on the streets for 5 years, you can blame yourself for being a fucking idiot who can’t figure out how to do life correctly. What kind of utter compete failure spends 5 years on the streets? Shit dude, people coming here not knowing a word of English can figure out how not to be a complete loser, yet you can’t manage to provide for your wife for over 5 years?

      Maybe instead of crying about Republicans like a fucking retard, you should have gotten a job you lazy son of a bitch!

  3. Oh, and by the way, you can thank the hotel and and resort security for the homeless being inside the casinos. They are responsible for the area inside the casinos, AND the pedestrian walkways surrounding said casinos and resorts.

  4. This author is an imbecile, the fact that this was even published is beyond me. Maybe this dummy should leave the county.

    • I know facts are hard for mental midgets like you to understand, but kindly go fuck yourself!

  5. Taxation is always to transfer mens labor to be enslaved to useless women, welfare is theft and a scam!

  6. I bet within a few years they put in either a state tax – or skyrocket dmv fees or property taxes even more. Have to pay for Ghetto Scumbag Raider Stadium somehow.

  7. How can we say that the homeless drug addicts provide “zero” benefit to the community? They provide “negative” benefit to the community. Going poo poo and pee pee on the sidewalk, threatening people by aggressive panhandling and public shooting galleries– carrying and spreading all sorts of diseases and parasites… these are all “negative” benefits to society. It would be better to declare war against these people than to coddle them and give them anything at all. At the very least, forced detox and military style training might save some of them and even though costly, might improve their lives and help save the community as well.

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