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38 COVID Deaths in Fully Vaccinated Reported in the Last Week in Clark County

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When the local media, our local politicians, and our pathological liar of a Governor claim this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated they are straight-up lying to you, and the data that they all have access to shows it!

Over the last week, the number of COVID deaths in fully vaccinated people jumped from 49 on August 11th, 2021, to 87 so-called breakthrough deaths on August 19th, 2021. You would think 38 COVID deaths in a week would be headline news on all of our local media, especially since they report on everyone with a cough, but apparently reporting on 38 deaths in the fully vaccinated doesn’t fit the agenda.

But again, don’t take our word for it. Unlike the liars in the local media we want you to look at the raw data with your own eyes. Below are two reports, one from August 11th, 2021, and one from August 19th, 2021 that show so-called “breakthrough” deaths and hospitalizations. But again, we don’t expect you to take our word for it so on top of giving you the PDFs directly from the Southern Nevada Health District, here is the link so you can download them yourself, directly from the source:

Now keep in mind, there could be a small lag in reporting, so theoretically some of these deaths could have been delayed by a few days, depending on how The Southern Nevada Health District is reporting on these deaths. But also keep in mind, that according to their own report, the official death number could be much higher. In fact, they are reporting 140 of these hospitalizations as unknown if the patient died or not — HOW THE FUCK IS IT UNKNOWN? These are the people that we are supposed to be listening to for health advice — people who lost track of what happened to 140 vaccinated patients?

On top of the fact that the death count in the vaccinated may be much higher, according to the Southern Nevada Health District that 140 unknown number may just be the tip of the iceberg since they are excluding all sorts of Vaccinated people — in what looks like an attempt to cover up how many vaccinated people are really getting infected and dying.

According to the Southern Nevada Health District Exclusion Criteria: “Vaccinated people who were recently positive for COVID-19, defined as a positive <45 days prior to the current positive test under investigations were excluded.” WHAT???

Then pay close attention to this line in the report: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated guidance on reporting of breakthrough infections to only report those that have been hospitalized and contacted by public health and an interview is performed or are a recorded COVID-19 death.”

Did you get that? Unlike how they count every case in the unvaccinated, including people hospitalized for auto accidents who happened to test positive, they are not requiring the same standards for the vaccinated — and why would they, if you knew how many of these people were getting sick and dying the whole scam would fall apart!

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