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14 Shot, 1 Dead in Mass Shooting at Las Vegas lounge in Commercial Center District

Manny's Glo Lounge Las Vegas

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, 14 people were shot around 3:15 AM at Manny’s Glo Ultra Lounge at 953 E Sahara Ave in Las Vegas.

According to Las Vegas Metro Police Captain Dori Koren, responding officers found 14 people suffering from gunshot wounds and began rendering aid. Those victims were then transported to UMC and Sunrise Hospital.

One man, we are being told a black man, has been pronounced dead, and two others remain in critical condition. Police Police say the investigation is in its early stages but preliminary information indicated there was a “party” during which two people got into an altercation and exchanged gunfire, striking multiple people.

Koren told reporters no arrests were made and no suspect descriptions were immediately available, which shouldn’t be a shocker since the entire area is run by criminals and gangs. While the media and the police are refusing to tell the public what the suspects look like, we are being told by our sources that almost everyone involved was black, the 1 reported dead was black and gang associated, and the shooters were also black.

On social media, people who frequent the so-called lounge and area known as the Commercial Center District often refer to it as GANGLAND! The night of the shooting, a party called Freaky Fridays featuring DJ Kelly J and a local rapper named Money Manny Vegas was scheduled.

City of Las Vegas and Las Vegas Metro do nothing to address gang activity and violence at Commercial Center District

Gay Bath Houses — otherwise known as gay sex clubs — and other sex and drug related businesses inside the Commercial Center District were allowed to remain open and operate freely during the Steve Sisolak shutdowns.

To anyone that knows the area, it really shouldn’t be a shocker that this happened. While the police and the local media may want to play dumb, the area known as the Commercial Center District around the 900 East block of Sahara should have been demolished years ago – it’s basically an enclosed mini-shopping district that has been taken over by gangs, human traffickers, prostitutes and criminals.

Most of the businesses are either running illegal operations or helping support the prostitutes that use the lounges, bars, whore houses, and sex clubs in the district to solicit tourists.

The entire area is a hot spot for prostitution, human trafficking, drug deals, and sex clubs, but the City of Las Vegas and Sheriff Joe Lombardo turn a blind eye to the activities, even allowing so-called businesses in the district to stay open throughout the Sisolak shutdowns. Oddly, while governor Sisolak and his buddy Sheriff Joe Lombardo send saturation patrols to Chinatown, pretending there is some epidemic of Asian hate happening, this area is allowed to devolve into one of the most dangerous places in our city.


  1. Lombardo &Co. love to focus where the crime isn’t! I hope Hyt replaces him as Sheriff and I hope he is trounced by Dr. Fred Simon. Long shot I know.

  2. That is done breathless bullshit. Yes there are issues, but there’s a ton of great businesses in there. How about they clean up the neighborhood next to it?

  3. This is a smear article, unfounded, untrue and slanderous. We currently have over 160 open businneses. Hard working mom And pops. We have been open since 1963. Have done a massive renovation with beautiful outdoor sculptures and murals throughout multi million dollar renovations of buildings interior and exterior. Our entire parking lot has been resurfaced and restriped We have security throughout the week and Regular cleaning services. This is an isolated incident. We We have over 26 property owners with 200 suites. We encourage property managers and owners to properly vet their tenants especially offering large public events or banquet halls to have the appropriate security needed, For those venues, In this particular incident there should have been metal detectors and/or proper security. As is standard in most nightclub settings. With proper security and protocol this may have been able to be avoided. We are sorry to hear what happened, But it is not a reflection on our commercial center association of businesses. It is very unfortunate and gun violence is a great gun violence is a growing problem and needs to be dealt with on a national level. We will continue to work with the property owners and management and encourage them to make sure that businesses are properly vetted. And we ask that any of our establishments that are having large gatherings and parties have the proper security in place. Not only am I the president of the commercial center historic society and business association I am also attendant for 18 years. there have many positive changes With lots of hard work, We will not let one incident stop us from moving forward, To creating a safe and friendly family neighborhood experience. We have a wonderful safe and clean neighborhood. Also this article is untrue during the shutdown, A few of our 18 and over businesses were closed for it’s closed for over a year. But business is moving forward with many new businesses and restaurants open survey and restaurants open serving the public. After this incident the police had everything Under control and business was as usual the rest of the day being completely packed in the shopping center. Sincereley, Paula Sadler-president

    • They entire area is a shot hole. Got shot at in the LVAC parking lot nearby last year and someone got shot inside the LVAC locker room 2 months ago. The entire area is trash and dangerous.

  4. Attn: Paula Sadler..

    It’s not gun violence. It’s black and hispanic gang violence. Your shopping center promotes it. Own it.

  5. Cheap rent.
    Home to Lotus of Suam until the roof caved in.
    Also home to Green Door.

    In bad times yeah. Gangs and shootings. The pool place is pretty scarry too.

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